Cadillac sedans and coupes are remarkably stylish and transform


The collection of our Cadillac Sedan and Coupe

  • The quest for the best

  • DesignCadillac vehicles have eye-catching exteriors and reflect your refined personality. In addition, the body's aerodynamics favour the vehicle's performance. Inside, you'll find elegance and Cadillac artisanal savvy.

  • Performance Every Cadillac boasts a sensational performance, thanks to a powerful engine and increased agility. Innovative technologies are at the heart of Cadillac vehicles' conception, allowing for excellent driving.

  • Technologies Cadillac vehicles feature cutting-edge technologies to ensure your safety and comfort. Cadillac engineering makes you live a pleasant and intuitive user experience thanks to the CUE system. Access your contacts, listen to music or get information at your fingertips.

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